Buying a Car

At Carcierge, our car buying consultants don’t work for a dealership; we work directly for you! As an independent company, Carcierge is not limited to specific dealers or certain brands. We’ll search near and far to get the best value on the exact car you want. From the first phone call to the final delivery, we’re with you every step of the way to make this process efficient and affordable. On a purchase this big, trust the experts to save you time and money!

Finding a Car

Automobile Dealer

With hundreds of different cars on the market today, how do you decide on the right one for you? Just searching for a car produces feelings of dread and anxiety for many people. Our car experts will take the time and stress out of finding a car for you. Learn more about this service.


Negotiate Price

Looking over the condition of the car

We want you to be completely confident with your car purchase. Our car experts will negotiate to get you the best possible deal on your new or used car. With years of experience in car sales, we know how to get you a great price. Put our skills to work getting you a great deal!


Test Drive

Driving a car

Once we have helped you narrow down your car search, we will arrange an appointment for you to test drive your chosen car whenever it is convenient for you. One of our car experts will accompany you on the test drive and coach you on what to look for to help you make the right decision.


Final Delivery

Young couple buys a car

When you have decided on the perfect car, we will arrange an appointment at the dealership to finalize the purchase. We will attend the appointment with you to be sure that everything meets your expectations and you are confident in your purchase. Learn more about this here.