New Cars

Brand New Cars in StockAt Carcierge, buying a new car doesn’t have to mean endless hours of online research and multiple visits to car dealers. Our buyer-friendly, personal approach, pairs you with an auto sourcing expert who will save you time, money, and stress while searching for the exact car that fits your needs.

It all starts with a simple phone call, where we’ll set up a brief meeting to discuss your requirements. We’ll ask you for your list of “must have” features as well as those that are favored, but optional. We’ll ask you to consider your preferences on the following:

  • Make/model
  • Price
  • Safety features
  • Look/style/color
  • All-wheel drive/4-wheel drive
  • Gas mileage/environmental concerns
  • Passenger/cargo room
  • Extra features (navigation, heated seats, sunroof, push-to-start, etc…)

Once we have your requirements, we’ll begin to search for cars that match your wish list. As an independent car buying service, we’re not limited to a single brand or a handful of car dealers. We’ll search all appropriate dealers to find the exact car that fits your needs.

Then we’ll present you with options, and advise you on how to narrow your choices. We’ll schedule a test drive at your convenience so that you’re certain you like how the car looks and handles. When you’ve made a final decision, we’ll negotiate the purchase price. If needed, we’ll pre-schedule a finance appointment so you don’t have to wait at the dealership. Finally, at delivery, we’ll meet you at the dealership where the car is purchased to make sure everything meets your expectations. From there, the dealership handles your warranty service and can provide any extra products or services you may want to add.

Welcome to car buying made simple!