Test Drive

girl traveling by car smilingWhen it’s time to test drive your final choice(s), your auto sourcing expert at Carcierge will schedule this appointment at your convenience. You can take your time on the route you choose, focusing only on features and performance. Because we are an independent car buying service working directly for you, we are not trying to sell you a particular car—only the car that best fits your needs.

One of our car experts will attend this appointment with you and advise you on how to evaluate the car. You can take as much time as needed to properly evaluate the car before you buy it. Here are some questions to ask yourself during the test drive:

Before the Drive

  • Are you happy with the color, style, and overall look of the car?
  • Can you enter and exit the car comfortably?
  • Is there enough room in the driver’s seat to sit comfortably? Be sure to check out the back seat for comfort, too.
  • Is the seat comfortable and easily adjustable?
  • Are the steering wheel and pedals adjustable?
  • Do you notice any blind spots in the rearview or side mirrors?
  • Can you easily read and use the controls and gauges?

During the Drive

  • Does the car accelerate smoothly and quickly?
  • How does the car sound when driving normally? How about when you accelerate?
  • How does the steering wheel feel? Is there too much tension or does it feel too responsive?
  • Are the brakes smooth? How sensitive is the brake pedal?
  • How is the suspension? Do you feel every bump in the road?
  • Is your seat still comfortable when driving?

After the Drive

  • Ask the salesman to point out any additional features you may have missed.
  • Check the trunk or cargo area for space and accessibility.
  • Ask about the safety features and find out where the airbags are.

At Carcierge, we won’t stop searching until you’re satisfied!