Car Transport

blue modern car closeup. Light of car.As an independent car buying service, Carcierge can locate any make or model of your choice, searching all appropriate sources to find the car that fits your exact needs.

However, the right car at the right price may not always be at a convenient location. If we can’t locate your ideal car within the city or nearby, we’ll search outside of the market to find it. Part of our comprehensive personal service is our ability to ship the car directly to you or to a location you specify. Anytime you need to ship a vehicle more than a few hundred miles, a car transport company can provide a cost-effective alternative to having to retrieve the vehicle yourself.

We only contract with top rated, professional transport companies that are licensed and insured.

Your car will be transported on a car carrier, which is the same method car manufacturer’s use to deliver new vehicles to car dealers. You have the option of using either an open or enclosed transport. In an open transport, your car travels securely in the carrier, but is exposed to the elements. This is the least expensive and most common way to ship a vehicle. Enclosed transport means your vehicle travels inside the truck where it is protected from sun, rain, snow, and dust. This is more expensive and is often used to transport high end vehicles.

Transit time and cost depend on the pickup and drop-off locations, the actual truck used to transport your car, and the time of year the car is being shipped. Summer and snowbird seasons are typically the busiest transport times. At your direction, Carcierge will locate the best transport options for your budget and schedule.

Let Carcierge help you keep car buying simple. We’ll do the work. You enjoy the ride!