Pre-Owned Cars

pre-owned carsCarcierge knows how to find great values in pre-owned cars! In fact, a pre-owned car can be a more cost-effective alternative to a brand new car. When certified by a manufacturer or dealership, you are essentially getting the value of a new car for the price of a used car.

Finding a newer pre-owned car with lower miles, may put the price of a luxury vehicle within reach. Whether you need a car for yourself or a new driver in the family, give us the features you want and your budget and we’ll go to work to find your new ride. We only search for the cars we consider to be the top 10% of pre-owned inventory. These are typically cars highly rated for safety and reliability that have been faithfully maintained by their first owners. As independent car buying consultants, we’re not limited to the pre-owned inventory on a dealership lot. We’ll search dealerships, auctions, and private buyers to find a car that meets our high standards and your specific needs at a great price.

First, we will have you come in for an initial interview to talk about your requirements. With your specific needs and wants in mind, we will start searching for cars that match those ideals. We’ll then present a number of options to you and advise you on narrowing down those choices. Once you’ve decided on a car, you’ll test drive the vehicle. Then we will negotiate the purchase price on your behalf and schedule a finance appointment if necessary. When it’s time for the final purchase, we’ll meet you at the dealership to ensure that everything is up to par. Finally, the dealership will offer warranty services and extra products you may want to add. We can advise you during this process as well.

Save yourself the time and stress of searching for a pre-owned car. Experience Carcierge. Great deals, no drama.