Car Protection Products

interior blackBuying a car is often a huge investment. You protect your investment against accidents, damage, malfunctions, and theft with car insurance and warranties. These protections will help make sure your car is running well and functioning as it should. However, warranties and insurance don’t typically cover aesthetic damage or normal wear-and-tear issues.

We offer a variety of car protection products to keep your car looking great for as long as possible. Our car experts can advise you on the right products for your vehicle and driving habits. Learn more about our exterior and interior car protection products below.

Exterior Protection

Several companies sell a product to protect your car’s paint finish from chips and scratches caused by flying rock, road debris, and car door damage. This clear, thin film is nearly undetectable when applied professionally. Carcierge offers you the option to purchase one of three levels of this exterior paint protection at a discounted rate. The most basic level covers the car hood, fenders, mirrors, and door edge guards. The next level includes the basic coverage, plus the full front bumper. Our most advanced protection package extends coverage to the entire hood and all of the fenders.

Interior Protection

We can also provide you with interior protection products. We’ll use these on your seats, carpets, dashboard, and headliner. These protect the inside of your car from stains, scratches, and cracks. We do recommend regular maintenance and touch-ups to maintain their protection over time.

Trust the experts at Carcierge to make it simple to keep your car in like-new condition!